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An overview of Frequently Asked Questions about the ROKiT Racing Star competition. We hope this is helpful.

You can join the competition on our RaceRoom competition page: https://game.raceroom.com/championships/80

15 is the minimum FIA approved age to drive a Formula 4 car and 16 is considered the optimum age to start single seater racing.

Being fast is important, but being safe is essential. To race long distances at high speeds you need to be physically and mentally strong.

The Racing Star programme brings together different pioneers with a passion for motorsport.
Together we stand strong for the same goal: making motorsport accessible to young talents.

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We support responsible gaming and to ensure everyone is enjoying the competition in a transparent and responsible manner and therefore, we ask for your parents consent.

Visit our page with information for (your) parents / guardians.

Following Race 3 of the competition, Motorsports UK will initiate a series of checks and assessments with a view to ensuring the top 16 boy and top 16 girl finalists comply with the mandatory entry requirements and are deemed safe and competent to undertake the possible training.

Following an extensive six month training programme the competition winners will only progress to race in Formula 4 if Motorsport UK believe they qualify to be issued a competition licence.

Yes, it is 100% free to participate in the Racing Star competition.

Together with our partners, our goal is to bring equality of opportunity in motorsport to give everyone a fair chance of realising their dream of becoming a racing driver.

Our goal is to also launch competitions for all age-groups in multiple regions around the world.

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RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) is the worldwide leading free-to-play motorsport simulation.
RaceRoom is a common platform for all motorsport fans, sim racers and real world race drivers.

To get started on RaceRoom you will need:
• A free Steam & RaceRoom account
• PC

Please find below the links to our Forum topic, Discord server and the RaceRoom community.

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RaceRoom community

You can find the Standings and Leaderboards on our RaceRoom competition page.

To keep the competition fair for everyone, competitors have to follow the competition rules. These rules are specified in the Rule Book (PDF).

The rule book contains extensive information about the competition, the organisation, the requirements, rules and regulations.

Our goal is to launch the competition in multiple regions around the world to give youngsters a chance to become a Formula 4 racing driver.

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